Stiebel Eltron - LWZ 180 / LWZ 280
  • Centralised ventilation with up to 94% heat recovery
  • Inbuilt display directly on the appliance
  • Made in Germany
  • Passive House Institute certified component
  • Helps prevent condensation and mould through improved ventilation
  • Significantly reduced noise levels
  • Air flow rates 60 – 350 m3/h

Mechanical Ventilation

Home Mechanical Ventilation 

The Importance of House Ventilation.

Modern homes use a building envelop that creates an airtight environment that results in virtually no energy loss. Designed primarily to prevent heat loss it also stops any natural air changes and makes mechanical ventilation essential.

However, older homes  due to the thermal insulation measures that are then put in place require ventilation.  This is an issue in Christchurch still as windows and doors, and other previously permeable spots are non longer enough to allow outdoor air to come in.  This creates a conflict of interest between practical thermal insulation and the need for fresh air – which can be resolved with mechanical ventilation systems.

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